Why Steel and not Timber

//Why Steel and not Timber

Why Steel and not Timber

We at PROZTEEL provides you with the best structure steel detailing services and employ all modern in-depth technological expertise to help you build your dream structure, be it is foundational as columns, stairs or as big as the entire building.

But many times we are questioned on the importance of steel as a structural material over other favourites mainly timber and concrete. Here we have tried to provide you some answers, keeping in mind that each has its pros and cons.


Timber is lightweight, easy to use, adaptable, durable and most importantly cheaper than other structure materials. Renewed interest in wooden structures has once again brought it to the forefront. It is also argued that timber offers more architectural design flexibility.


Structural concrete is sustainable, durable, robust and provides cost benefits. It has inherent ecological benefits and is in more demand as environment awareness increases.

Now we come to steel. There are many factors in favour of steel, making it the most commonly used structural material all over the globe.

Steel structuring is easy and can be done with maximum accuracy. Steel buildings are lighter and foundations are often smaller, thus reducing the need of more workers onsite. Steel framing, roofing and cladding offer more termite-free and fire resistant abodes as compared to timber and concrete.

Steel is also sustainable and more than 95 percent of all structural steel is recovered and reused or recycled, so there is less wastage.

Compelling cases can be made for all three structural materials. But if you choose to go for steel, PROZTEEL is the best with experience of years behind it. Our experts with their thorough knowledge of all latest technologies employed in steel detailing leave no chance to present you with your dream building.

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