Constructive social media engagement – the logic behind it

//Constructive social media engagement – the logic behind it

Constructive social media engagement – the logic behind it

How active are you at the umpteen social media sites? Sometimes it baffles me when I see so many talented teenagers wasting their precious time doing nothing but scrolling their feed on sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is important that we understand that we are not robots, but designed for a cause.

I do agree that social media has many benefits to offer, but at the same time, there is a need to know how we are letting it control us. If you are smart and witty enough, you can put social media to right use and you might be able to share the next big idea and create a revolution.

Companies can tap social media to create the funnel of awareness or widen their social media reach and even improve their business output as well. There are of course a hundred different possibilities, but simply, sitting and engaging in worthless gossip or finding out who went where is not going to do anything.

This is why at our company; I make it a point to inspire people to engage in constructive social media engagement. I don’t know if you have heard of this term before or it is new to you.

What I truly mean is that you need to tap the positives out of social media and harness it to further your cause. As an employee of the company the time spent at social media should be done either to extract new meaningful ideas or to find out what’s trending. You can also find out what is interesting the customers or create campaigns that are likely to improve the scope and reach of your business.

There are of course a lot of hurdles you may have to overcome but once again you can rely on social media to cross the hurdles faced at social media. So rather than blocking the access of social media sites, use this new age technology and innovative idea of using social media but for constructive purpose only.

We are no longer in the century wherein you can micro manage all your employees. So, inspire them to do a lot better than that!

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