How Bossy Is Bossy?

//How Bossy Is Bossy?

How Bossy Is Bossy?

Running a business, no matter small or big is no easy job. There are times when you need to be stern and take the right action and boss people around simply because they are not motivated enough to do the task themselves.

On other occasions, being too bossy can send the wrong signal and may create a wave of resentment among your employees. So, what is the ideal solution? I was wondering how to sandwich yourself between being too bossy and too lenient to ensure that you get it just right!

Of course, as a boss, it is important for me to execute the right standard of behaviour which keeps my employees motivated to give in their best as this is the only way I can push my firm further. So, I came up with some of these strategies which I really think would do the trick for me.

Clear task lists

Segregating the daily tasks and maintaining a list wherein every employee has been assigned some task is a great way to ensure that things are moving and they get done. Some of you may feel this approach to be a little bossy but when the work pressure strikes, you need to pull your socks. Of course, it is upon you to ensure that employees do not hesitate in doing more than what is asked of them.

Creating a favourable ambience

While I believe that there needs to be a sense of discipline and decorum in an office but I always aspire to keep the ambience light and jovial, if not humorous. This is a great way to ensure that everyone stays cam and has a longer attention span.

The incentive program

I further try to come up with some of the best incentive programs so that my employees have a reason to walk the extra mile for their business and for me.

The pep talk sessions

Whenever it is convenient, I try to bring all of them together for a little pep talk session as not only does it help us to be cordial and approachable but it often triggers the right changes too.

So, do you agree or do you agree?


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