Passion and self-growth

//Passion and self-growth

Passion and self-growth

Have you ever felt like quitting your job? Does it occur to you that you are not really happy doing what you do? In all these cases, it becomes important to actually analyze what you have been doing and then taking a step in the right direction.

Some of us believe that being in a salaried job is a safe choice, but ask yourself again, is it truly so? There are so many companies that chuck employees all of a sudden. Sometimes, companies end up facing a merger and it would all of a sudden have more manpower than what it needs. This leads to chucking of employees. Sometimes the business expenses become a bit too much and to handle it, some departments need to face a cut and hence leads to chucking some employees.

So, if you are really poised to start your business but think that a salaried job is a safe choice, we would ask you to think again! The bottom-line simply is to analyse the stakes. Find out the amount of risk you can manage to take, analyze the business you are trying to set, research thoroughly about the different sectors related to your business and then come up with the right approach.

Often it is this systematic approach which can create the right kind of difference and can help you be the master of the kind of job which won’t eat a little into you every day.

I have shuffled a great deal of jobs, got chucked and even left some as well. From all of this, what I truly learned is that in the end, it is the experiences which truly matters. Every job ended up teaching me a little and I grew with every single job that I worked on.

So, with the passage of time, I decided to find my territory. I wanted to find what is it that I was looking for and then made it my own. I knew that if I wanted to be good at my work, it had to be something I did for myself and not merely because I needed something to pay the bills.

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