The Best Qualities That Make You A Great Leader

//The Best Qualities That Make You A Great Leader

The Best Qualities That Make You A Great Leader

Not every leader leads and not every follower obeys! We have all heard of this saying and too many bosses end up being just another boss and forget what it takes to truly lead an organization. There is a phenomenal difference between being a boss and a leader. I always work on my leaderships skills because I know a good leader is never going to fail. Here are some of my key insights from my leadership diaries.

Being a patient listener

More than letting everyone know what they need to do, one of the key skills you need to hone as a leader has to be the listening ability. The more you listen, the more you grasp and this helps you get more ideas and implement better strategies to work things out.

The art of listening can go a long way in helping you win the confidence of both your juniors and seniors.


If you want to be a leader, be prepared to own up for the things you did, the mistakes you made, and the responsibilities that are bestowed upon you. A leader never indulges in mudslinging or blame game. He knows what is expected of him and does even that which requires a little extra. This is what makes him a leader. As a leader, you should not be afraid to take up more responsibilities than what is desired of you and get tasks done.

Adapting to adversities

No one guarantees that everything is going to roll smoothly always. This is why you need to be well prepared for the adversities and you need to be skilled in knowing how to adapt to different situations. Leaders not only adapt themselves but come up with ways by which the whole team can easily adapt to the adversity and still come on top of it. Championing adversity by quick adaptation to challenges is the core skill of a leader.

So, what do you have to add to my diary and do you resonate with my thoughts? They have worked for me so far as my employees all confide in me! Let me know your thoughts.

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