Why do you need a steel detailer?

//Why do you need a steel detailer?

Why do you need a steel detailer?

Steel detailing is a mandatory process to carry any type of manufacturing and construction activity, weather it is an erection of residential or commercial buildings, factories or institutes as well as shipbuilding. A steel detailer is the person who will carry out this important task for you and co-ordinates with other key professionals engaged in the project such as architects, contractors, engineers, fabricators and everyone else.

The major task of a steel detailer is to create detailed drawings along with detailed planning, and the estimation of the materials required, as well as other reports and important tasks. All these steps form the base of the entire structural steel detailing process. Even a tiny miscalculation can lead to loss of valuable time and money.

A steel detailer has in depth technical skills of drawing blue prints and site maps. He is adept in drafting, mathematics (including geometry and trigonometry), logic, reasoning, spatial visualization. He mainly creates two types of drawing- erection drawings and shop drawings, complying at the same time with industry standards and protocols. Earlier these drawings were manually created but now everything is done using computer software, the most popular being CAD. 3D detailing is also popular as it provides a virtual visualization of how the final structure will look like.

A steel detailer must have these important qualities:


Steel detailer should be able to turn plans and ideas into technical drawings that will guide all other project experts to create buildings, tools and systems.

Detail oriented

An eye for detail is a must for a detailer. As explained, structural detailing demands 99% accuracy and a small miscalculation leads to wastage of time and money. If there is any error in the final drawing, it will lead to wrong fabrication.

Technically sound

Detailers in all specialties must be able to use computer software, such as CAD, and work with database tools, such as BIM (building information modeling).


Detailers need to have mathematical skills, interpersonal skills as they work with other personnel and efficient time management skills as they often work under tight deadlines and need to give the output as per set schedules.

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