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PROZTEEL has been providing Structural Steel Detailing Services for the Construction and Engineering Industry for over a decade now. With over 30 specialized Engineers and Detailers, we have successfully completed and delivered detailing projects to Fabricators all over Europe and North America, including industrial, commercial, and institutional projects.

We approach each project with the detailing precision and attention to detail necessary to meet customer expectations and comply with technical requirements. Our products can be produced in either metric or imperial measures and in keeping with AISC and CISC standards. We also offer consultation, project management/coordination, data management, and surveying services.

PROZTEEL offers high quality steel detailing services and products using leading edge automated 3D technology. We work on a spectrum of projects from standard – to – complex – to – one of a kind structures in the commercial, industrial, resource, transportation, recreational and residential sectors.

  • Architects & Engineering Liaison
  • Detailed Calculations & Reports
  • Project Coordination/Management
  • Customized Reports for Materials
  • Automated RFI tracking software developed in house
  • Design processes for Electronic Data Interchange & Approvals
  • CNC, DXF & DSTV Files
  • Fabtrol Files
  • Estimates & Estimation Models
  • Assembly Drawings & Erection Plans
  • Advance Bill of Materials
  • Anchor & Embed Layouts with Templates
  • Pre-Detailing & Design
  • Connection Drawings
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Shop Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings & Imports
  • Fitting Sheets

Connection Design

Our in-house team is capable of coming up with connection designs for different structural interactions. Our Engineering partner reviews and stamps the connection design and drawings. We understand, each fabrication shop has their own preferences when it comes to connections and we work with them in building designs specific to their shop’s practices. These preferences include:

• Connection Types
• Welded vs. Bolted Connections
• Plate Thicknesses
• Bolt Types and Sizes

MTO for Estimation/Bidding

Our experienced team generates MTO for your estimation teams. We do accurate and quick turn arounds of structures involved in the project as a result your estimation team could focus completely on bidding new projects. Some of the common deliverables, we do as part of this service are:

• Excel based MTO
• Stick model

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PROZTEEL prides itself in quality, timely delivery of projects and open communication with clients. The success of your projects, represents our success.


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